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Cowards in Disguise.

Bullying is a really serious problem that exists within our society and local communities. Because of the actions of bullies, many unwilling participants have been hurt, or even decided to end their own lives. In a few instances, the bully himself has received the repercussions of his intended actions.

If we analyze the bully, we will learn a few important details. Almost all bullies target a subject that they perceive to be weaker than themselves. Almost all bullies never approach killers. Almost all bullies suffer from low self-esteem. Almost all bullies are afraid to be alone. Almost all bullies look for reassurance from others. Almost all bullies need their existence to be validated. Almost all bullies are emotion driven. Almost all bullies lack self-control. And, all bullies are cowards.

Only cowards pick on those who can’t fight back or defend themselves. Only cowards target a select group of people and stay clear of others. Now gangsters will handle their business with any and everybody. And, for the most part, gangsters are not bullies. I’d like to see a bully accidentally approach a group of gangsters.

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