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There's No Such Thing As Ugly.

If you were to ask multiple people the definition of ugly you will get multiple answers. So, in my observation, I’ve realized that when a person or object is being described it is being described in subjective preference, not in objective actuality.

So, if I were to ask you if you like that sweater and you were to respond and say “no, it’s ugly” what you are really saying is that you do not prefer that sweater. You are not attracted to it. It’s a subjective response. The person who created the sweater prefers the sweater, is attracted to it, and thinks very highly of it. And, so does every person who has purchased the sweater.

Whenever I hear the word ugly being used, it’s always being used to mean unattractive. What is unattractive to one person is attractive to another. And, this concept applies in every area of life. Animals, objects and even people may be considered attractive and unattractive. And, I believe that’s an appropriate way to look at it. That woman is by no means ugly. I’m just not attracted to her. She was beautifully and wonderfully crafted by her Maker. Everything that is created is considered beautiful and amazing to the Creator. It’s for you, as the subjective viewer, to decide if you are attracted to that particular work of art.

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