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Love can be expressed and understood as a noun and a verb. Expressed as a verb, it is more familiar for persons to understand, as we all know that verbs are action words. As an action word, Love is utilized in multiple ways with multiple meanings. According to most human understandings, Love can be given and taken away. We’ve all witnessed someone saying, “I love you” at one point in time, and in the next breath they’ll say, “I don’t love you anymore.”

With so many meanings expressed, directly or indirectly, how can one determine the actual definition of Love? I believe it would be helpful if we understood Love as a noun first before we consider it as verb. As a noun I will consider the God of the scriptures, the Great I AM, our example of Love. It is written, God is Love. But, what does that mean? In perspective of a noun Love is everything the encompasses God – his character, his psyche, his energy, and the decisions he makes moment to moment. Every action taken is Love. It’s not done in love. It is Love. Everything that proceeds forth from Him is Love. It can only be because that is who He is. Love is never what. It is Who.

The beginning of understanding Love is to understand who Love is. Once you understand who Love is and your intimate connection, your character, psyche, energy and decision-making process will line up accordingly.

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